German Shepherd Puppy Imprinting

The Puppy Imprinting Process and Evaluation

Early Neurological Stimulation – The “PUPPY IMPRINTING” program, also known as “Bio Sensor” was developed by the US Military in order to improve the overall performance of their dogs. The program calls for the use of six specific exercises designed and tested to stimulate the neurological systems of puppies at an early age. We utilize these exercises in the raising of all of our puppies. Studies show that puppies given early neurological stimulation exercises mature at faster rates and often perform better in problem solving tests than non-stimulated littermates. Studies also indicate improved cardio vascular performance, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease. For more information about studies and the specific exercises used, please see the article Developing High Achievers.

Puppy Tactile Stimulation





Socialization – At the earliest safe age for the puppies, generally at about six weeks of age, we begin to socialize them through positive experiences to a number of different, exciting, and challenging situations and environments outside of our kennel property. They are taken into the city and parks. Puppies are exposed to other people, children, and animals, as well as various surfaces and noises. They get to see traffic, people, city streets, sounds and smells. We make the best effort to give our puppies a strong social foundation by the time they go home at eight weeks of age.

Temperament Evaluations – All AMERICAN GUARDIAN K9 puppies undergo a temperament evaluation while they are in our care, in order to give us a good idea of what each breeding has produced. This is also done in order to help us steer you in the right direction so that you may choose the best puppy for your specific living situation and needs. This standardized evaluation has 11 exercises and is developed to discover to the best of our knowledge the quirks of each puppy’s personality. Each German Shepherd puppy gets a score for each portion which puts him or her into a category based on their reaction. Scores and explanations will be available to all German Shepherd puppy buyers upon request.

Social Attraction – The evaluator calls the German Shepherd puppy to them in an open, friendly manner.

Following – The evaluator confidently walks away from the German Shepherd puppy.

Restraint – The evaluator holds the German Shepherd puppy on their back and see how hard they struggle.

Retrieving – A ball is rolled or thrown across the floor of the room.

Touch Sensitivity – The tester locates the webbing of one of the puppy’s front paws and presses it lightly between his index finger and thumb.

Sound Sensitivity – A loud bang is introduced in another part of the room.

Play Drive – A toy is introduced and the German Shepherd puppy is encouraged to engage in play.

Food Drive – The evaluator holds food in their loosley closed hand.

Focus – Food is shown to the German Shepherd puppy and placed under a container on the ground.

Recovery (general observation) – The German Shepherd puppy is seperated from Energy Level – A determination of the puppy’s overall energy level throughout the evaluation.

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