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About American Guardian K-9

Located near Atlanta, Georgia, USA, we only breed and import, German Shepherd dogs all with Schutzhund titles, and breeds surveys. We follow the German shepherd standards as closely as possible,headshot only breeding the highest quality, healthy, dogs. Approved for breeding by the German SV dog registry. The hips have been certified A1 or A2 the temperament proven, and the courage and self-control tested. The adults are registered with the SV and the AKC; the litters are AKC registered.

Hips; A1 or "A" normal is the best hip certification in Germany. A2 or "A" fast normal is the second best. A3 is acceptable for breeding but we only import and breed those with A1 or A2 hips.

At American Guardian K-9, we spend a lot of time with our puppies, making sure they get the appropriate play and socialization experiences. We introduce them to as many different people as possible and let them play on different surfaces. We accustom them to loud noises and other dogs.standing-guard The combination of excellent pedigrees and early positive experiences assures you of a confident, well balanced puppy. With successful backgrounds in both military and civilian law enforcement as K9 working dog handlers and trainers, we have always striven to produce the best possible dogs. We take great pride in our accomplishments having worked and trained numerous dogs for all aspects of law enforcement, home protection and bomb and drug seeking.

It is for our extreme love of the German Shepherd breed that we have continually, throughout all these years strive to have a very successful breeding program. We choose all our dogs basedwarehouse on all the standards set forth by Max Von Stephanitz the breed’s creator, and the German SV. We only select dogs with impeccable pedigrees that have been proven in the past, to be accomplished competitors in all areas, dogs that have been stamped with clear hips and elbows, excellent temperaments and stability. At American Guardian we are determined to provide only the best.

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